3 thoughts on “Tornado

  1. Tornado is a pretty quick read. While you read I want you to think about the relationships people have with animals and how the animals help us, as readers, to see the personalities of the owners, as well as see change in the stories.

    Pg. 1-20 what kind of relationship does this family have with Pete? How can you tell? What does this show you about the kind of person that Pete is?

    Can something good come out of something so bad like a Tornado? Can you think of any other examples in real life?

    How do the stories that Pete tells make the situation better? What do you do that makes someone feel better when they’re scared?

  2. I finished Tornado and I also read it this year in school so I couldn’t make any predictions. I love this book because I am very interested in tornadoes and because I have a black lab!

    I think the family is close to Pete. Maybe he works for them on the farm. I think Pete is kind.

    Pete tells them mostly happy stories — one was sad but in the end had a happy ending. I always ask my mom and dad to tell me stories about when I was a baby. I like hearing those stories again and again. It refreshes my memory and I always feel good when I hear them.

    The stories take their mind off the storm and their father being out in it. They help them pass the time. When we had that big storm in March and all the trees came down, my brother and I camped in the living room with my dad. That made us feel better. My dad was out trying to get home in that storm — his friend was driving. I was so happy when he made it! Our cars were stuck in the garage because a big tree came right down in front of our garage. And now that that tree is gone, once we remove the stump and pave a little at the bottom of the driveway, we will be able to get a basketball net! I can’t wait. That is something good that came out of something bad.

  3. Christian, that is great to hear! I’m glad to hear you decided to reread the book. It’s always a good idea go reread. There is always something new you can learn the second time you read a book. This book sounds like it was a good fit for youi because of all the connections you can make to it. It sounds like you almost had the same experience as these characters.

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