The Chocolate Touch

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  1. pg. 1-19
    Our first discussion of the summer! Whoo Hoo!
    The first thing that jumps out at my in this book is the description that Patrick Catling uses. I can make so many pictures in my mind as I read. My favorite description so far is of all of the candy that John likes to eat. It started making me hungry. I also really liked the part where the author describes John when he’s trying to look at the spots on his nose. I can picture him crossing his eyes when he’s trying to look at his nose.

    John has already changed as a character because he seemed like he wasn’t that good of a boy in the beginning, but now he’s acting like the perfect son. It’s definitely because he wants to eat some of that chocolate without anyone seeing him because the faster he got ready the more time he would have to eat the chocolate without his mom knowing.

    Im predicting that the chocolate he just ate is magical because that man that gave it to him was really mysterious and he let John use that old coin to pay.

    Reply below with your thoughts. You can use what I wrote as a guide. I tried to write just a few thoughts that are the most interesting to me. i made sure that all of my thoughts had evidence of why I thought them or from the parts of the book that proved my point. Using because in any of your responses will help you add more detail.

  2. Hi: I think we responded in the wrong place the first time. I read the first 2 chapters so far. I think John is definitely going to eat that new piece of chocolate he just got and is going to get into big trouble because of what the doctor said about the spots on his nose.

  3. Hi: I think that the candyman tricked John because he just want the old coin he had.
    I also think that John is headed for a lot of trouble. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    It would really be cool if you were right Ms. Z and the chocolate was magic.

  4. Hey Guys! We are off to a great start! When you post something, I have to approve it, so it won’t post right away. That is probably why you though you posted in the wrong spot, Christian. You both have some great thoughts about the book. I agree with Christian that he will definitely eat that chocolate since we know he LOVES candy! I never thought of what Megan said about the man wanting to get the old coin…he did seem REALLY interested in it. Megan, why do you think JOhn’s headed for trouble? What evidence do you have?

  5. Oh… thanks for explaining that. I read chapters 3 and 4 last night. Boy is Susan mad at John! He ruined her special birthday silver dollar when he bit it and it turned to chocolate. I think he pretty much knew that was what would happen after all of his breakfast food and then his gloves turned to chocolate. Even though she MADE him bite it… he should not have done it! Now his good friend is mad and he is sad! You were right about that chocolate in the box being magic! He ate it and now everything he eats turns to chocolate. If everything I ate turned to chocolate, it would make me crazy! I think John is going to get tired of chocolate! He may never want to eat it again! He is getting very thirsty! I think he should go back to the man in the store where he got the chocolate to find out why this happening because he is the one who sold John the chocolate and let him pay with the coin he found.

  6. Page 21-41
    -My prediction came true! Something very magical is happening. Everything he puts in his mouth turned into chocolate. The description that the author continues to give is really helping me picture how the chocolate tastes and feels. It’s making me hungry! Just like Christian said, It’s hard for me connect with John right now, because I don’t think I’d like everything to taste like chocolate. I love the taste of eggs and toast. I agree with Christian’s prediction also that he may not want to eat chocolate ever again. I keep wondering what the other characters see. Do they seen chocolate milk in the glass of Orange juice or do they see orange juice? Do they notice anything different about the food or is it only John who can see or taste the chocolate?

    Christian, do you think he meant to bite the coin and ruin it? You said he felt sad about it. Did he feel sad because he felt guilty? Did he feel sad because he didn’t meant to do it and she thought he did?

  7. I think he felt sad because he didn’t want to ruin her coin and she thinks he did it on purpose. I didn’t think about what other people see when John eats something. I would say that everything tastes and looks normal to everyone else because Mary thought breakfast tasted regular and the glove tasted like a glove to Spider.

  8. I think John would get in trouble because maybe he left the garbage on the floor and forgot to pick it up.Ms.Z you were right that the candy was magic and now everything he eats turns to chocolate and now maybe John has to go back to the candyman to swich John back.He might get sick and tired of eating chocolate every single day because I know I would.I think Mary might think John was crazy because she didn’t eat the magic chocolate.I predict that John might do something crazy or go overboard with the magic chocolate.

  9. Christian, Thanks for clarifying what you meant about the coin incident. Now I understand. I like the evidence you provided for the answer to my question about what the other characters see when he eats chocolate.

    Megan, I didn’t even think about the garbage…maybe his mom will find it. Why do you think John will go overboard or do something crazy?

    Pg. 42-61
    JOhn’s attitude about “the chocolate touch” definitely changed in this part of the book. He doesn’t seem to like tasting chocolate every time he eats something. He’s starting to want to taste other food. I would get really frustrated like him too, especially if my pencil turned to chocolate and I couldn’t take a test. I would have also felt embarrassed in that situation because everyone was looking at John when he started to shout about his pencil. The teacher definitely thought he was crazy. I could tell by the way she looked at him and the way she was talking to him. I would probably think one of my students’ was crazy if they told me their pencil was chocolate.

  10. Chapters 5 and 6: Things are getting worse for John. He failed his test because his whole pencil turned to chocolate. It would be messy to write with chocolate! And his teacher could see the chocolate… and now she is going to talk to the nurse about him. She thinks there is something wrong with him… she thinks he brought candy to school and lost his pencil and is making up crazy stories. He wanted to show Susan that everything he puts in his mouth really turns to chocolate by putting her jump rope in his mouth, but the bell rang and they had to go inside. He is really unhappy about everything tasting like chocolate… he needs water! I think he might turn into chocolate himself because the chocolate he ate was magic. First his lips because everything that touches his lips turns to chocolate… then his body.

  11. Christian, you did an excellent job summarizing the part of the book we read. Can you now add some moe about what you thought about what’s going on. How did he feel about the pencil turning to chocolate? Why did he want to try to prove to the girls that he really could turn things into chocolate? What does this tell you about him as a character?

    • I think John felt it was really bad that his pencil turned to chocolate. He probably felt embarrassed and had a funny feeling in his stomach.

      I also thought of the boy who cried wolf…He wanted to prove things were really turning to chocolate because that is the truth but everyone thinks he is trying to trick them or that he is crazy. I think he is scared and is looking for answers and help.

      Just looking at the title and picture of chapter 8, I stopped and told my mom that I thought his trumpet would turn to chocolate when it touched his lips and I was right! I think a chocolate trumpet would melt and be a big brown sticky disaster! And it wouldn’t sound like anything– chocolate would just pour out of the end of the trumpet.

      In chapter 7, he got a bunch of good food that his mother would love if he ate and he tried dropping it right into his mouth but then he realized that not only do his lips make stuff turn to chocolate but anything that goes into his mouth now becomes chocolate. (That is also why I knew what would happen to the trumpet.)

  12. Pg. 62- end of book
    I thought it was so interesting how the parents didn’t believe him at first. It reminded me of The Boy Wo Cried Wolf. John was always kind of a jokester and he loves chocolate, so I think his parents just thought he was just trying to be funny. I was surprised when they actually did believe him.

    Authors always have a lesson that is learned at the end of a story. What lesson do you think John learned?

  13. My mom texted Kaia’s mom and waiting to hear about her joining. About the book, I think John needs to stop chewing on stuff so it won’t turn to chocolate. I think John is going to prove to Susan that whatever he puts in his mouth turns into chocolate. I think he is going to prove it by eating the jump rope. I don’t really think thats a good way to prove it. I will finish the book after tennis this morning and comment later about that!

  14. Great! It would be nice to have Kaia join.
    I agree that John needs to stop chewing on things, and I think once you read on you will see what he decides to do. Why don’t you think chewing on the jump rope is a good way to prove the chocolate touch?

  15. I didn’t think eating the jump rope was a good idea because I thought the girls would get mad at John if they didn’t have a jump rope to use anymore. I just realized that the first time John walked around the corner to the candy shop the shop was there. The second time he walked around the corner the shop wasnt there. And that keeps happening throughout the story.
    The lesson I think the author was trying to tell us is that family is more important than anything else even delicious chocolate. John thought it was great that he could make everything into chocolate until his lips turned his mom into chocolate. Then he was really sad and wanted his mom back so he went to the candyman and asked him how to change her back. Then the chocolate touch was gone but more importantly John got his Mom back.

  16. Chapter 9-end
    oops.. my last comment is out of place because I clicked reply instead of post. Sorry! I thought John would turn to chocolate… but he turned his mom to chocolate instead! I agree with Megan. When he turned his mom into chocolate, for the first time in his life he cared about something more than chocolate… getting his mom back! The store is weird because it is not always there… it only appeared again I think because he was more worried about his mom than chocolate. I think the lesson is to not only care about yourself and to not be greedy. (The man in the store tells John that only greedy people can even see that coin he found.) Once he got his mom back the place where the store was was sold. John didn’t need it anymore.

  17. Great job!
    I agree with both of you. The book is teaching us a lesson about greediness and about family/friends. Being selfish can get in the way of relationships we have.

    Now, while we read the next story I want you to also be thinking back to what happened in this story and make some text to text connections.

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