21 thoughts on “Socks

  1. I can’t believe we are already about to read our third book for the summer!

    Again, like with The Chocolate Fever, I’m just going to post some questions that came into my mind as I was reading. feel free to answer and post some of your own thoughts.

  2. Pg. 11-32
    What descriptions does Beverly Cleary, the author, use to help you make a movie in your mind as you read?

    How would describe Debbie’s personality? Wat evidence do you have?
    How would you describe george’s personality? What evidence do you have?

  3. I think Debbie is caring and George doesn’t really care about the kittens. George is trying to get rid of the cats as fast ” as he can. He keeps saying it’s “stupid” that they are there and that Debbie is stupid. Debbie wants to keep Socks because she keeps holding and hiding him. When she saw those fighting children, she didn’t like the future she saw for Socks. She also gave Socks a name. Once we found a lost dog by our house and my mom told us not to name her because we would get too attached and she probably had a nice home already that we needed to find. We named her Padme…but then we found out that she lived behind us and her name was Daisy. I still think of her as Padme and wish we could have kept her. But now we have the cutest dog ever…a black lab named Obi.

    I think the author does a good job describing how hot it is and also how all the different people in the store look and act. She also describes how Socks feels– Debbie keeps squeezing him and then what it is like to be in the mailbox.

  4. Chapter 2
    So now a young couple has Socks. At first they love him very much and play with him all the time. Then when they have a baby, Socks thinks they love the baby more than they love him. He misses their attention and feels sad and sometimes gets mad at them for not paying any attention to him. He tried to get on Mrs Bricker’s lap while she was holding the baby and when she would not let him, he clawed her leg. the only thing he likes about the baby is that he gets all of his left over formula which he finds comforting.

  5. Christian, I love how you made a personal connection to the story with the dog you found. I have a dog too and this helps me understand how much Debbie loved Socks and did not want to give him up unless it was to a very good family.

    This book makes me laugh because it is told from Socks’ point of view. The author does a really good job of explaining how Socks is feeling. I wonder if she has a cat at home?

    Basedon chapter 2 and the great summary of the chapter that you gave, what kind of personality does Socks have? What kind of cat would claw at their owner’s leg to get something they want?

  6. Pg. 56-76

    Why do you think the author introduces all of these other characters (the aunt, the uncle, and the cousin)? What do they show you about Socks’ personality and the Brickers’ personalities?

    What big event happened that really showed Socks’ personality/how he is feeling at the moment? What did it show about him?

  7. I think Socks wants to knock Charles William into the next century. He is jealous of the attention the baby gets and he is MAD about the diet the Brickers put him on.. he is hungry. I think the cousins were mean to Socks — they are the ones who said he was fat. The Brickers aren’t really being mean, they just want Socks to be healthy. That’s why they put him on the diet. But they hadn’t even noticed Socks was fat! They are not paying good attention to him.

    Socks is trying to get even with the Brickers. He gets Mrs Bricker to get up while she is feeding the baby and let him out. He tries begging for food from the neighbors. He is taking matters into his own paws!

  8. Based on all of what you said, could we say Socks is acting selfish? He wants all of the attention and is only thinking about himself.

    Socks is also acting sneaky shown through the example you gave about wanting to be let out.

    He is definitely “taking matters into his own paws”.

  9. Yes, I agree… he is being selfish and sneaky. But he thinks he baby is another new pet who is stealing his thunder. A baby needs more care than a cat , but Socks doesn’t know that.

    Last night when I saw a baby sitter was coming, I thought something really bad was going to happen. But instead it was really nice for Socks. She brushed him and petted him until he fell asleep on her lap.

    I think the sitter might like Socks better than the baby!

  10. I predicted something bad might happen as well, but it turned out that she likes cats. The babysitter turned out to also be a very smart woman. She put the piece of tape on the baby’s foot to keep him occupied.

    Why do you think Sock’s says that he no longer had an empty feeling in his stomach? Why didn’t he want the leftover formula or care that she only gave him a small piece of meet? What does this show us about how Socks is feeling at that moment?

  11. Pg. 98-120
    Why did Mrs. Bricker spend so much time cleaning? What do you think this shows about her relationship with Mr. Bricker’s mom?

    What kind of person is Nana? How would you describe her personality? What evidence do you have?

  12. You guys are reading much faster than I can. I can comment through what I have read so far which is through chapter 4. Debbie loved that her cat had kittens and George was didn’t really care about them and thought they were boring. I think Socks is acting mean and selfish because he feels that since the baby came they are not paying attention to him and they don’t have time for him. Socks gets the leftover formula from the baby and loves it but the aunt and uncle came and said he’s fat and put him on a diet. He is not happy at all! The babysitter seems like she’s the only one that knows what Socks is feeling.

  13. Hey Megan! We’ve missed you! You don’t have to worry about keeping up with us. Just write your thoughts as you read. It’s better to read and understand than read quickly and miss something important. Take your time!

    Christian and I agree with you that Socks is acting selfish. The more I think about this I wonder if Socks seems selfish to us, but really just doesn’t know what it’s like to have a baby around and that’s why he’s acting the way he is.

    Why do you think the babysitter really understands/ can give socks what he needs?

  14. I think the babysitter may have had a cat or has a pet so she understands. Did you know that Nana’s hair is just a wig? It looks like the color of iced tea! 🙂
    Nana doesn’t like Socks at all because of the baby. She’s worried that the baby may be allergic to Socks. She wants them to get rid of poor Socks.

  15. I definitely agree with you, Megan. The babysitter must have had a cat to know how to care for them. I think she also has a sweet and kind personality which makes her kind to animals. We can see this through the way she treats and speaks to the cat and the baby. She’s a very smart lady.

    Does Nana seem like the kind of person who is sweet and kind like the babysitter? How would you describe her personality?

  16. I was hiking in NH this weekend and didn’t bring my book or glasses — sorry!

    Just as I thought — Nana was bad news for Socks! Mrs. Bricker cooked and cleaned to get ready for her visit… I think she was nervous about having to impress Nana who does not like Socks being around the baby. Nana is fussy and wants everything to be just so… even her hair! As soon as I read it was the color of iced tea, I knew something was going to happen to it. I was surprised by her reaction to Socks ruining her wig though — i thought she would scream and yell and insist on getting rid of him. Instead he nipped Mrs Bricker and that was what did him in. They sent him to live outside! I know cats can do that but it still seems mean. It makes me sad to think of my dog Obi living outside.

    Life is hard for Socks outside — but the Brickers leave him food and look at him from the window. Then Old Taylor eats his food and they fight. Poor Socks! I bet the Brickers feel really bad now that they sent him outside. It looks like they will let him back into the house now. I hope he can behave himself! Charles William tries to say “Kitty” and calls him “Ticky”. I think it will turn out ok! I think the baby likes the cat!

  17. Socks is a really good book because the author showed us a lot of feelings and a lot of details. I could really feel how scared Mrs Bricker was when she couldn’t open Charles William’s door. My mom did rocked her crib out of her room when she was a baby! Her mom had to put rubber stoppers under the legs so she couldn’t do that again!

    At the end of the book, I think Socks and Charles William became really good friends. Charles William pets Socks’ tail and calls him Ticky. I think things are going to be better for Socks now. He is going to have a friend — someone who will play with him and to sleep with… Charles William! I liked the book a lot and I will always play with my dog so be doesn’t feel left out like Socks!

  18. I hope you had fun in NH, Christian. I definitely agree with you about how you think Nana is fussy. That is a great word to describe someone who cares about each and every little thing, wanting everything to be perfect. I thought Nana was going to get very upset at Socks about her wig as well. Why do you think she didn’t?

    When Socks got in the fight with Old Taylor and that fact that he had to live outside showed some new aspects of Socks’ personality? How did he change? Or what did what he went through show about his personality?

    What did the fight show about the Brickers’? have they changed? How do you know?

    What about Charles William? How does his relationship with Socks show a change in Socks? A change in the family?

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