Summer Book Club

Happy Summer and Happy Reading! Isn’t it nice to have some time just to sit back and enjoy a good book? I can’t wait to have some wonderful discussions about these fabulous books we will be reading.

We will be following the schedule as written below:

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling (June 20-June 25)

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith (June 26- June 30)

Socks by Beverly Cleary(July 1 – July 8 (July 4th off))

Tornado by Betsy Byars (July 9- July 11)

Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan (July 12 – July 18)

Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry (July 19-July 23)

Because of Winn Dixie (July 24- August 1)
The World According to Humphrey (August 2-August 7)
Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing (August 7- August 12)

Free Choice! (August 13-First Day of School)

Each day you should read for 30 minutes/around 20 pages and writing on the blog every day (which should take 5-10 minutes). This will help make sure that we have good conversations and that we are all on/around the same page.

I will be posting questions on the blog for you to think about and respond to as you read. You do not always need to answer my questions, but you should then come up with your own questions or comments about what was read. I want the comments and questions we have be a conversation between us. Just like in a real book club, I want us to have a discussion about our thinking about these books. That means you should be thinking about/commenting about the things that good readers do:

Ask Questions

Make Predictions

Make Connections (text to text, text to self, text to world)

Make Pictures in Our Mind

Think About The Main Characters’ Actions/Feelings

How the Main Character Changes in the Story

Think About What the Author’s Message Might Be (the author always wants to teach us something)

How Other Characters Help the Main Character

Point of View- How does it affect the story? What if the story was told from a different person’s point of view?

Try to include the page number and an example so that we can look back to see what you’re talking about.

If you’re ever not sure what to write about you can always use one of the strategies to help you. You can also look at what else has been said and use one of these sentence starters (if you need to) to help you respond:

I disagree…because…

I agree…because…

I don’t really understand…

I really like that you said…

I agree with you and want to add…

One thought on “Summer Book Club

  1. Hi: I read the first two chapters of The Chocolate Touch. I like where the story is going… John just bought a big box of chocolate and I think he’s going to get in big trouble for eating it because of what the doctor said about his nose.

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