Gooney Bird Greene

3 thoughts on “Gooney Bird Greene

  1. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2
    How does the author describe Gooney physically? Why do you think the author decided to make her this way?

    How would you describe some of the there other students in the class? Are they the same of different than Gooney? Why do you think the author decided to make them the way they are?

  2. I read the first three chapters… I am going to try to finish so I can get to Winn Dixie as well. Gooney dresses in funky clothes. I think the author made her this was to make her very different from the other kids in the class. Gooney also likes to be the center of attention. She acts like she is the teacher. Some of the other kids are shy, some do weird things, like the boy who got something stuck in his nose. Some like to tell things about themselves. But not the way Gooney does. Gooney is a great story teller! I couldn’t believe she ended up outside the car in a carpet! She has had some very interesting things happen to her.

  3. I finished the book. I loved all Gooney’s stories! But I still like the flying carpet story the best though. The other kids were trying to be more like Gooney and dress interesting — even the teacher Mrs Pidgeon wore fancy shoes instead of her plain ones. I thought Gooney wasn’t going to fit in with the other kids but in the end, they all wanted to be more like her. The class was about to learn about what makes a good story and Gooney arrived just in the nick of time. Now everyone is going to tell their stories, just like Gooney. She said she always told trued stories — but I wonder if everyone really danced and sang at the end????

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