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  1. On to the next book…
    I changed the schedule a little because you are both reading so quickly. I added two books to the end of the list.

    Now that you have all posted on the blog through out a whole book and have had a chance to read my posts, I’m going to leave more of the thinking to you. I will only post questions from now on to get you thinking. You may answer my questions or write your own thinking or both. 

    Pg. 13-33
    How are Henry and John (from The Chocolate Touch) similar? How are they different?

    How are their parents similar or different?

    Re-read the last page of Chapter 3. How is Henry feeling? What evidence do you have?

  2. Chap 1-4:
    Henry and John are the same because they both eat too much chocolate. They are different because John turned things to chocolate by touching them and people did not believe him. Henry has a rash that other people can see (and smell and hear!).

    Both of their parents are very nice. But John’s parents tell him not to eat chocolate and Henry’s let him eat as much chocolate as he wants because it doesn’t seem to hurt him.

    Henry says he feels strange and I think he is sad and worried that he is getting spots.

  3. hi! John and Henry are similar because they both got dots on their body. John got dots on his nose and Henry got dots on his whole body. Both got them from eating chocolate. They are different because John wanted everything he ate to be chocolate and Henry just adds chocolate on to everything he eats. John’s parents didn’t want him eating all that chocolate and Henry’s parents don’t seem to mind.
    On the last page of Chapter 3 Henry is feeling strange. He wasn’t feeling hot or cold but just strange. He was scared of the way he was feeling.

  4. It seems to me like you both agree with each other. You should make sure you read each other’s writing and make sure you write about whether or not you agree with them. This will also save you time when you are writing your own response.

    I like how Christian added why he thought Henry felt strange. Megan why do you think he was feeling strange?

  5. Pg. 34-55
    How is the way Henry’s chocolate fever different/similar from John’s chocolate touch? 

    How would feel if you were Henry? What kind of experiences have you had at the doctor?

    How is Henry feeling on the first two pages of Chapter 6? What evidence do you have?

  6. I think Henry is very scared and tired! He is running away but he just wishes he could be home. I had a 106.4 fever recently and my dad took me to the hospital at 10pm. I felt very scared because I thought I could die. I was tired too and just wanted to be in my bed. But I knew that the hospital was the right place to be… I stayed and found out I was fine…it was just a virus! Even though they did lots of scary tests…. it was worth it to know I was okay. (But my doctor knew her name! )

    Henry’s rash is actually made of chocolate! John turned things into chocolate.

  7. I think Henry was feeling strange because he wasn’t feeling warm, cold or dizzy and he said so to the nurse at school when he got the dots.I thought a trait was that Henry was very scared of what was happening to him. John wasn’t scared of his chocolate touch but sometimes embarassed of it.
    If I was Henry I would definitely be scared. Since no one knows why the dots are chocolate and all over him. I think that the dots came because he was eating chocolate in a sort of pattern of eating the same things everyday. One day he messed up the pattern and ate 3 chocolate kisses and then the dots showed up.
    I get nervous when I have a checkup at the doctors because Im scared I may have to get a shot.
    At the beginning of chapter 6, Henry is afraid and wants to be home. The evidence is that he runs out the hospital while the doctors were trying to examine him.

  8. Great connections! Text to self connections always help us really understand what the characters are going through. I would have been really scared if I was in Henry’s shoes, espeially if I started having bumps of chocolate on my body. I don’t kind going to the doctor though, because I like to know if there’s something wrong and how to fix it.
    You don’t need to answer every or any question I write, especially if you have something else to add. I always like to other thoughts you have.

  9. Pg. 56-71
    How is Henry feeling on the first two pages of Chapter8? What evidence do you have? 

    Why is Mac an important character? 

    What were you predicting was going to happen when the two robbers came? I predicted something totally different than what actually happened. 

  10. Chapters 7 and 8

    In chapter 7 Henry is running away and runs into a bunch of bullies who say mean things. He made up a story that anyone who touches him will die of chocolate fever to make them leave him alone. It worked! They let him go.

    Then he met Mac who was driving a truck. He offered Henry a ride and Henry got in, which I don’t think he should have done because you should never get into a car with a stranger! Mac seems nice but I am worried about the next chapter because it is called hijacked. I think Mac is a a good guy because he wants Henry to call his parents. But I don’t think he’s going to make it to the phone because of the robbers coming in the next chapter.

  11. Christian, you gave a great summary again. What does all of this information show you about who Henry is as a person? What kinds of qualities does he have that are show by his actions? We always want to look into the facts and find out what they really mean and how they affect the story. For example, if Henry was not acting so selfish in the beginning of the story, he most likely would not have gotten himself into so much trouble. This type of thinking will also help us see if the character changes over time in the story.

  12. I’m sorry… we were away and I couldn’t get to a computer but I did finish the book.

    Henry’s lesson was to not have too much of a good thing. He ran away because he was scared and because he was embarrassed about how he looked with spots. He was lucky to run into Mac who protected him from the hijackers and he will always be friends with Mac–the whole family was invited to dinner at Mac’s house.
    The Chocolate Fever made him run away but it was also the smell of Henry’s Chocolate Fever that attracted all the dogs and saved them from the hijackers.

    Henry was also lucky to run into Sugar to tell him the lesson and give him the vanilla to make the spots go away. Henry might be cured of the chocolate fever, but I think he may still get into trouble… now he is wondering how cinnamon will taste on everything. I hope Mac and Mr Cane will remind him of the lesson to help keep him from letting something like this happen again. I think he will need reminding!

  13. Christian, that is totally understandable. Did you have a good time?

    I definitely agree with you about the lesson learned in this book. I think John also learned this lesson in Chocolate Fever.

    I thought it was interesting how the one thing Henry hated (the chocolate spots) helped save him at the end like you said because the dogs were attracted to the smell. Although, I dogs aren’t really supposed to eat chocolate! It’s really bad for them!

    I agree that it seems like Henry will get in trouble again with cinnamon. Hopefully, you are right and Mr. Crane and Mac will remind him of the lesson he learned. Do you think he really learned lesson if he has to be reminded?

  14. I agree with Christian that Henry may get himself in trouble again except this time with cinnamon instead of chocolate. I’m not sure he needs to be reminded though because he was sort of reminding himself about what could happen, cinnamon fever! I think he learned his lesson with the chocolate fever and doesn’t want to get cinnamon fever.

  15. Yes, I had a great time in Stowe… thank you! I think Henry learned his lesson with the chocolate but it may take a few reminders for him to understand that it isn’t only about chocolate. I know sometimes I have to be told things more than once to understand….

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