This week we had Fun Fact Friday for the last time.  During Fun Fact Friday we played games such as Multiplication Jenga, Multiplication War, and Fraction Bars.  We practically had a free choice of games!  We started a new unit on graphs.  It is our final unit.  For morning work we are practicing multiplication and division.  For example, this morning we skip counted by 3s, 6s and 12s.

By: Alex, Charly, Matthew, Thomas, and Ella


This week in writing we drafted and revised our unpublished China books.  Then we published them on Wednesday.  Some people finished the China writing except none of us finished adding text features.


By: Will, Logan and Connor


We finished our biography packets and started our biography posters.  Also, we finished reading our books.  We gathered information in our packet so we could make our posters.

By: Sean, Jet, Brian, and Marney

Fun Things

This week we had a lot of fun things.  We had Field Day!  Our colors were pink and gray.  This week we had 3 birthday celebrations.  On Miss Humphrey’s early birthday her husband to bee came in and brought Philly Swirls.  On Will’s early birthday we had doughnuts.  And on Alex’s birthday we had Italian Ice.

By: David, Brynn, Victoria, and Savannah



Last week in writing we ended SBAC! 🙂  Last Friday we did an on-demand prompt.  This week we started to write an informational text about China.  We all are doing well on our informational texts.

By: Kate, Sean, Jet, Marney, and Brian


In these past two weeks we have been studying biographies.  We got our biography packets and have been jotting notes in them.  The book that we use in mini-lessons is called, Who Was Jackie Robinson?  Ms. Humphrey reads a few chapters from Who Was Jackie Robinson? and then teaches us what to do on a new page in our packet.  Then we try the new page in our own.

By: Brynn, Victoria, and Savannah


This week in math we wrote our own math story problems for division and multiplication.  We also shared some of our math story problems and  the class tried to solve them.

By: Connor, Logan, and Will

Fun Things

Last week we finished SBAC!  It felt good to get the SBAC over with and never have to think about it again.  We started Trash Free Tuesday!  Lots of people are trying to recycle more so we can save the earth.  We had Fun Fact Friday, it was fun.  We had a blast playing math games with partners.  There were multiple options for math games.  We finished the on-demand prompt.  Most of us felt proud finishing the on-demand.  Last week we made two pictures for Miss Humphrey.  One was a wedding cake and one was the wedding.  There are seven days of school left!

By: Charly, Alex, Ella, Thomas, and Matthew