News! (5/18-5/22)


This week we started SBAC testing…but this time the real test!!!  For three days we did math.  On Friday we started language arts.  The SBACs are on the Chrome Books.  Also, we got little notes to keep us going on the test.  We used special headphones and mice.  It was really cool.

By: Victoria, David, Savannah, Brynn and Leyton


This week in math we finished the math assessments in SBAC.  We started multiplication story problems this week in math.  We also realized that threes help us with sixes and nines.  Because if we double a three its six and if you triple a tree it equals a nine.

By: Sean, Brian, Kate, Marney and Jet


This week in reading we started biographies and took notes on interesting facts.  Ms. Humphrey started reading us, Who Was Jackie Robinson, to get us into biographies and to know what to jot about.

By: Alex, Matthew, Charly and Ella

Fun Things

This week we had extra recess because of SBAC.  We had extra recess because Miss Humphrey thought we worked really hard and we needed a little fresh air and a break.  We also earned Favorite Color Day.  Favorite Color Day is when you wear your favorite color to school.  We have Favorite Color Day today and Tuesday.  Another fun thing this week is Miss Humphrey got engaged on Wednesday night!

TGIF to a long weekend!

By: Sadie, Logan and Will

News! (5/11-5/15)


This week in writing we wrote an ending to a story for SBAC practice on Friday.  Everyday of the week we did SBAC practice.

By: Leyton, Jet, Alex and Matthew


This week in math we started multiplication.  On Monday we did a pre-unit math assessment.  We also started some SBAC math practice.  Today we did our third semester meth test.  Some of us thought it was easy but the majority of us thought it was hard.  We also did some story problems to help us understand multiplication better.  On Tuesday we did a see-what-you-know pre-assessment.  there were a couple of hard questions but most of us powered though and got a majority of the questions right.

By: Thomas, Marney, Sadie and Savannah


This week in reading we started biographies by reading Ruby Bridges.  We answered questions afterward.  Also, we have been reading fictional (JRBs) while jotting.  Some have been doing reading meetings with Ms. Humphrey.

By: David, Will, Charly, Connor and Brian

Fun Things

This week in SBAC practice we did a Jeopardy like game for the book, The Giving Tree.  We had Fun Fact Friday.

News! (5/4-5/8)


This week during writing we did SBAC practice.  We wrote about videos we watched and articles.

By: Alex, Leyton, and Jet


We ended triangles and quadrilaterals on Wednesday.  At the end of this week we started a new unit in math, it is multiplication and division.  We focused on multiplication this week.  We also came up with multiplication sentences.

By: Logan, Kate, Ella, Sean and Victoria


This week in reading we’ve been finishing our countries.  Some countries are Russia, Greece, Scotland, England, Mexico, Australia, and others.  Many people finished their countries.  Since we started China in Social Studies we got our China packets and did research.  Then on Thursday we actually got exciting news!  We’re starting a new unit…biographies!

By: Savannah, Marney, Thomas and Sadie

Fun Things

This week was full of fun things.  We went outside with our Kindergarten buddies and read them picture books that we thought they would like.  As always we had Fun Fact Friday.  On Friday we got to do Mother’s Day preparations.

By: David, Will, Connor, Charly and Brian

News!  (5/1)


this week in writing we didn’t do writing, instead we did SBAC practice.  We will begin our real test on Monday, May 18th.  Some people think it was easy but a majority of people thought it was hard.  Some people are happy and excited for it , others are nervous.  The SBAC is a review of what we’ve learned this year mainly going over reading, writing and our mathematical abilities.

By: Thomas, Sadie, Marney, and Savannah


In math this week we have been working on triangles and quadrilaterals.  We had to make triangles and quadrilaterals out of straws and twists ties.  We had to find out what a triangle is and what a quadrilateral is.  We had to hunt to find quadrilaterals in the classroom.  At the end we did free choice fun fact Friday.

By: Charly, David, Connor, Will and Brian


This week in reading we continued writing about a country that everybody chose.  It couldn’t be the USA.  We got to make our own persona.  We gathered information and wrote in our notebooks.

By: Victoria, Logan, Kate, Ella, and Sean

Fun Things

On Friday Mrs. D came in.  Also, we had FFF (Fun Fact Friday).  It was really fun!  We did SBAC practice this week.  Thursday we started learning about China in Social Studies.  We are finishing up our country papers.

By: Jet, Leyton and Alex


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