News! (4/20 – 4/24)


We finished our literary essay on a book called Brave Irene.  Miss Humphrey printed out our literary essays and we edited and revised our writing.  On Tuesday, we went on the computers and typed what we wrote on our revised copy and make it even stronger than it was before.  We had looked at our partner’s writing just to make sure it was all good.

By: Logan, Sean, Victoria, Ella, and Kate


This week we did more tetrominos.  We made posters that showed different shapes that had an area of 4 units using tetrominos. On Friday we worked on finding the area of different shapes and had Fun Fact Friday (FFF).

By: Matthew, Jet, and Alex


We chose countries to study but it couldn’t be America.  We have been using books and computers to get information on our country.  Some people started working on their essays on their country.  This time we have a choice to write about the people, the country, or both.  In extension block we read fiction books that were just right.


By: Charly, Brian, David, and Connor

Fun Things

This week we hosted the assembly.  Our class read the book for the peaceful assembly.  We played Alligator Island at gym and we swung from mat to mat.  We had FFF!!  We were introduced to a new game and then we played it.  It was actually fun!!  We had Read Aloud in the courtyard!  We finished our Brave Irene typing.  We also had a competition on being trash free.  We played 4-corners because we listened really well.  We earned a lot of letters and have almost earned Beach Day!


By: Brynn, Marney, Thomas, and Savannah


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