News! (3/30 – 4/10)


We finished doing our Brazil personas and wrote in a packet and shared it with our parents.  This week we chose a different country and picked our own personas based on our country.  We took notes in the library.


By: Savannah, Ella, Sean, Jet, and David


This week we did a puzzle with tetrominoes.  We used fractions to fill up tetromino shapes to help us too.  We also did Fun Fact Friday this week for an award.  We did quick images to help us.  We did perimeter and learned a lot about yards, meters, feet, inches, and centimeters.  We learned about US Standard and Metric units of measure.  We used a T-Chart to compare US Standard measurement and the Metric system.

By: Kate, Brynn, Marney, Brian, and Alex


In writing this week we are doing our last literary essay and typing them on the chrome books.  Our literary essay is on the book Brave Irene.  We each picked a claim and we typed a summary, three reasons, and a conclusion on our claim.

Last week we worked on revising, editing, and publishing our second to last literary essay.


By: Charly, Victoria, Sadie, and Matthew

Fun Things

This week we did Career Day.  We dressed up as what we want to be when we grow up.  Last week we had an author come to our school.  We typed on computers.  Today we had Savannah’s birthday and game day.  For game day we played fun indoor games.  We also had Fun Fact Friday.  Music for Youth came in.


By: Logan, Leyton, and Thomas


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