News! (3/16 – 3/20)


This week in writing we wrote two essays.  We wrote about Chrysanthemum and about Poppleton/Henry and Mudge/The Paper Bag Princess.  We wrote about character traits.

Writing Rocks!

By: Brynn, Brian, Kate, Alex, and Marney


This week in reading we went to the library for research.  Then Miss Humphrey found books for us to get facts from for our personas.  Then three people went on a computer each day and they went on websites Miss Humphrey gave us.  At the end of the week in reading we learned different ways to jot and make connections.

By: Thomas, Leyton, Logan, and Will


This week in math we did Muffles and Truffles.  We did 3 posters in just one week!  We learned 2 x 5.  Also, we made posters.  Then after we made posters we had a gallery walk and we put comments with post-its on the posters.

By: Victoria, Sadie and Matthew

Fun Things

We continued Muffles and Truffles this week.  We started Brazil in reading and social studies this week.  David and Sean started sports fun facts.

It’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING…but it’s snowing.  Boo hooo!


By: David, Sean, Ella and Savannah


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