News! (3/9 – 3/13)


This week in reading our focus was character traits.  We did this by looking at our character’s actions and feelings.  We’ve also been focusing on what’s going on in the book and how the characters react to what happened.  Also, we watched a BrainPop Jr. about plot.  We learned that you start with the beginning and then the middle and then the end.  Also, we learned that once you deal with a problem it’s not always completely fixed because the villain (or another character) could still do something.


By: Sadie, Charly, Matthew and Connor


This week in writing we chose evidence and picked the strongest pieces to simplify our claim.  Last Friday we started writing about reading.  We read our booklets.  Also, we thought about character traits.


By: Leyton, Logan, Thomas and Will


We started Muffles and Truffles and made two posters.  We did multiplication to figure out how much money there was in all.    We did two gallery walks and commented on the posters.


By: Sean, Savannah, Ella and David

Fun Things

This week we had half days.  At extension block Ella’s babysitter came in.  She wasn’t just any babysitter…it was Caylee North (country singer)!!  She sang Crazy, Shimmer, Dancing, and My Own Story.  It was so cool!


By: Kate, Marney, Brynn, Brian and Alex

We loved listening to Caylee North sing!


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