News! (2/23 – 2/27)


This week in writing we started publishing our state writing.  We did our on demand writing prompt.  Most of us finished publishing our informational text.


By: Sadie, David, Victoria, Savannah, and Alex


We started reading fiction and did a five day reading boot camp!  It was fun!  We started focusing on character traits.  We finished mysteries and we all had a fun time reading them.

By: Charly, Ella, Sean, Brian, and Connor


Today at Fun Fact Friday we got to play whatever game we wanted.  Some of us played multiplication baseball and some of us played fraction compare and addition war.  We also did two math assessments!  We did one district assessment and one end of the unit assessment.  On Monday we reviewed fractions.  We hope you enjoyed our news!

By: Thomas, Brynn, Matthew, and Will

Fun Things

For math we played fun math games for the whole math block.  We also started a traffic light and hangman for good behavior and consequences.  This week was our first day back from break.


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