News! (2/9 – 2/13)


We are thinking that we are going to stop the mystery unit soon.  While we close the mystery unit we have really been focusing on jotting.  Each person took turns jotting and reading about Encyclopedia Brown.  We also learned when to stop and jot.  For example: if we think we found a clue then we stop and jot.

Have a good break!

By: Thomas, Matthew, and Will


This week we learned division.  It was REALLY cool!  We learned about decimals for fractions and money.  For example: $2.50.  It was really awesome!


By: Sadie, David, Savannah, and Victoria


This week we started to write about our own state.  At the end we are going to make a big travel guide!  We also are finishing up our informational text.  For Valentine’s Day we wrote about what we thought love was.  TGIF

By: Kate, Leyton, and Marney

Fun Things

We had a snow day on Monday!  We decorated valentines bags and people put the valentines in the bags. We had a Valentine’s party and people gave us valentines with candy!  We got love bugs from our teacher – they are very cute!  We met our mascot Hootie the owl!  We had Fun Fact Friday!

Valentine's Heart Fractions

Valentine’s Heart Fractions

photo 2 (8) photo 1 (7) photo (12)


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