News! (2/2 – 2/6)


This week some of us had a reading meeting with Miss Humphrey.  We have become reading detectives!  As we read we looked for life lessons our books could teach us.  We looked for the 3Ws – who did it, why did they do it, what can we learn from it.

By: Alex, David, Savannah and Victoria


Today we had Fun Fact Friday.  We played some new fun math games like Fraction Bingo, 5 Bars, Flip, and more.  We also found out what pattern blocks equaled half of the shape we built with the pattern blocks.

By: Kate, Marney and Logan


We worked on adding text features to our informational writing.  We worked on chucking our ideas into paragraphs.  We met with partners and brought our checklists to check our writing.  Most of us started to publish our writing.

By: Sean, Charly, Ella and Brian

Fun Things

On Monday we had a SNOW DAY!!  We didn’t have school and we could make snowmen!  Tuesday was the 100th day of school and we watched the first grade parade.  On Wednesday we had a strings concert, it was a lot of fun.  They played D Scale, Good King Went Restless, Lightly Row, Jingle Bells, Dreidel and Caribbean Island (guitar style).  Then on Friday we took the cereal boxes to the food bank truck.  Then we had Fun Fact Fraction Friday!  It was totally awesome.  Four kids had lunch bunch – they had a lot of fun.  At the end of the day we celebrated Victoria’s birthday.

By: Matthew, Thomas, Brynn and Will

Donating cereal to the food bank!

Donating cereal to the food bank!


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