News! (1/26 – 1/30)


This week in writing we started writing our conclusions and introductions.  Some of us started to revise our nonfiction pieces.  We are almost done writing our nonfiction pieces.


By: Charly, Kate, Will, Alex, and Savannah


This week in reading we changed the way we looked at our mysteries.  We started to compare mystery books across a series.  We are allowed to read any kind of mystery book except it has to be a “just right book” (JRB).


By, your friends, Thomas, Connor, David, Marney, and Brian


This week in math we used pattern blocks to help us with fractions.  Today we made our own designs out of pattern blocks.  We made sure the yellow hexagons equaled half of our design.

By: Sadie, Leyton, Sean and Kai

Fun Things

This was a crazy week!  We had an early dismissal on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday!  Monday we celebrated Australia Day.  We made fairy bread, it was very good and yummy.  We had a lock-down drill this week.

By: Victoria, Ella, Matthew, and Logan


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