News! (1/5 – 1/9)


This week in reading we started mystery books.  They’re so awesome!  We got to pick out a book from a series in the library.  It was fun!  We each got a detective packet and we get to jot in them.  It’s really fun.  We can make a name for a secret club.

By: Brynn, Victoria, Ella, and Matthew

Math (is awesome!)

This week in math we started fractions.  We used brownies (not real ones) and paper to help up with solving fraction problems.  We also did a pre-assessment on fraction problems.  We added fractions to equal a whole.  For FFF (Fun Fact Friday) we are allowed to play any math game we want.  We home everybody had a great break!

Your Friends, Thomas, Marney, Connor, and David

TGIF! (Thank goodness it’s Friday!)


This week in writing we started a new unit on informational text!  We thought of a topic we knew a lot about and started writing about it.  We used our hand to come up with 5 main ideas and then picked one and turned that into informational text.  We hope our writing comes out great.  WRITING ROCKS!

By: Kai, Sadie, Leyton, and Sean

Fun Things

We have Fun Fact Friday today.  Today we had the assembly and the fourth grade did a great job.  We got new seats!  We had a lot of snow, 1 1/2 inches.


By: Kate, Will, Alex, and Charly


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