This week we learned how to do Venn Diagrams, problem solution, chronological order, question/answer, and cause/effect.  Some key terms are because, since, also, like, and different, and much much more.

By: Sadie, Marney, Logan, and David


This week in math we just started working on subtraction.  We ended travel stories and our addition unit!  We found the difference between snakes (length)  and humans (height) in different pictures.  Also, we had an awesome Fun Fact Friday!

By: Victoria Stockdale, Charly Nemec, Kai Sparks, Thomas Whidden, and Kate Brown


After finishing our persuasive pieces our parents came in to hear what we wrote.  On Tuesday we mad a quick flash draft (petition).  We started a new type of writing, it is called an editorial.  We had to write independently and had a three day deadline!  All we did was a fast mini lesson and off we went to write, write, write!  We had to coach ourselves for the three days…We had a little help from our teacher, Miss Humphrey.  The room was silent!  We could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet.  We wrote so much we were thinking TGIF (thank goodness it’s Friday)!

By: Brynn, Leyton, WIll, Brian, and Ella

Fun Things

Our parents came in for writing!

It snowed!

Fun Fact Friday – Addition War, Collect 100, and more!

We had the best joke by Connor this week!

We beat our goal for box tops and bottle tabs!


By: Sean McGahren, Matthew Aronsohn, Connor Peck, and Alex Chadwick


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