News! (12/1-12/5)


This week we started a subtraction unit.  We learned subtraction is not as easy as addition and that it’s going to be a challenge for all of us.  This week we also did subtraction riddles.  It was a challenge for all of us but it was fun!  For an example, one of them was, ‘The distance between 100 and me is 28.  What number can I be?’


The difference between the two numbers is 56.

Equations: 128 – 56 = 72      72 + 56 = 128

Every Friday, when we have math instead of just the usual stuff we have Fun Fact Friday (FFF) too!  In Fun Fact Friday everybody plays a math game with their math partner.  The games we played this week are: Go Collecting, Close to 100, and Collections Match!  TGIF!  (Thank Goodness It’s Friday!)

By: Sadie, Marney, Logan, David, and Savannah


We wrapped up our persuasive writing!  We started petition writing.  We are excited to share our persuasive writing with our parents on Monday.  (Our Persuasive Writing Celebration will be from 1:45 – 2:30pm on Monday, December 8)

Writing Rules!!!

By: Sean McGahren, Connor Peck, Matthew Aronsohn, and Alex Chadwick


In reading this week we did a paper and it told us to write the main idea down and then one cool fact about it.  It also asked us to ask ourselves a question, then we had to answer it.  We also did main ideas going along with supporting details.

By: Kai Sparks, Victoria S., Kate Brown, Charly Nemec, and Thomas Whidden

Fun Things We Did

Fiction Friday

On Fiction Friday we can read fiction or nonfiction and sit wherever we want.  We had a lot of fun this Friday!

Half Days

We had half days for all the days of the week except Monday.

Fun Fact Friday!

For fun fact Friday we will play games for half of math!  One fast mini-lesson and the rest of math is fun math games!        Hip-Hip-Horay!

By: Brynn, Leyton, Brian, Will, and Ella


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