Weekly News (11/17-11/26)

As a class we’ve decided to write and post weekly updates.  The students will be working in groups to write about what they’ve learned during the week.  Each week groups will take turns typing and posting the updates to the class blog.

This activity helps the students reflect on what they’ve learned, work together, and practice important writing.


In writing this week, we have been doing persuasive writing. This week we are focusing on editing and publishing, our pieces.Our goal next week is to finish our pieces by Wednesday ,for the conferences.We are also sharing our pieces with the class,and they are giving us 3 questions or compliments and advice.We hope to accomplish our goal.

By Kai Sparks, Thomas Whidden, Victoria Stockdale, Kate Brown, Chariy Nemec.


We had double fun fact Friday!We compared numbers. We rounded numbers like pros.We practiced  addition,subtraction and place value.MATH ROCKS!!!!!

By Will Warnock, Alex Chadwick, Sean McGahren, Matthew Aronsohn, and Connor Peck


Ms. Humphrey’s class has started the nonfiction unit.  We have began to look at text features.  We have been looking at pop-out sentence, blurbs, main ideas, box and bullets.  Box and bullets are when you write the main idea in the box at the top of your page and then you write at least 3 supporting details.  Then you get to share it with the whole class!

By Leyton, Brian, Brynn, Will D., and Ella

Fun Things

The power outage…It was the end of Spanish.  The lights started flicking on and off most of us panics. Senora Guillen said, “everybody sit down.”

The new carpet…It was the middle of word study.  Then then janitor came in and said, “your carpet is here!”  And then everybody went wild!

By Logan, Savannah, Marney, David, and Sadie


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