Type to Learn- Typing at Home

Type to Learn

Last year, the Darien Public Schools rolled out a new typing program in school for students in Grades 3-5.  We started using the program at school today. This program is available for home. Below are the directions to install the program on your home computer.  Once the software is installed your child will be able to access their Typing Account via the TTL4 icon.  Whether your child uses the program at home or school the software will work with them at their own pace and save all of their progress.

Please note that due to the multi-media rich nature of this program, the software you are installing is quite large and may take some time to install.  See notes below.

If you would like more information on the program, you may download the user guide:                  http://www.mediafire.com/view/a7bgfcve9koxp0a/ttl4help.pdf

To contact Type2Learn Technical Support:  https://support.sunburst.com and click submit a request. Or Click here for a document with additional support information.

Or support for MAC users:



  1. Download and install the TTL4 program to a home computer at http://ttl4.sunburst.com/downloads (because of the size of the download, the program could take 25  – 40 minutes).
  2. At the  Download Page Scroll down to the correct Type2Learn client based on your Computer Operating System
  • MAC (Web/School to Home/Network)
  • Windows (Web/School to Home/Network).  Click Save when prompted
  1. Once the program is downloaded, on a windows computer click run; on a MAC it should just self-install.  Run through the setup.  It could take 15 minutes to fully install.
  2. Once the program is installed successfully, there should be an icon on the desktop.  Your child can now login.
  3. Students login to TTL4, Type to Learn 4:
  • Username = students first letter of their first name+last name (*where usernames were duplicates, students may need to enter an 01 after their lastname)
  • Password = student lunch code School Access Code: 152495
  • Code for Darien is: 15249

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