Need to Unsubscribe?

Hi former 3-Z parents,

School is almost starting again and this means that my blog posts will be many again as well. You may wish to unsubscribe now so that your email inbox isn’t inundated with news that is no longer about your child’s classroom. There will be a link at the bottom of any email you have received from the blog, including this one. Follow the directions to unsubscribe to my blog. I wish all former 3-Z students the best in 4th grade!

If you have a chance, please answer a few questions for me here about this past year.

Miss Z


2 thoughts on “Need to Unsubscribe?

  1. Hi there!  I’m trying to fill out the survey but it won’t let me answer any category (e.g. agree, strongly agree) for more than one question so I can’t answer many questions!)  Not sure why – I’ll try from a PC….

    Sorry about that, Angela Lee

    • Hey Angela,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the survey. I’m not sure why it’s doing that. I just tried it myself from my phone and it seemed to be fine. Let me know if it doesn’t work again.

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