Happy Summer, Almost 4th Graders!

Dear Class,
I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Can you believe that you are almost officially in fourth grade?? I want to check up on you all to make sure you are READING, WRITING and doing some MATH while you are away from school. It is super important that you keeping your brain busy while also having fun.

Because it has been about three weeks you should have already read AT LEAST 4 books if you are trying to read 10 by the end of the summer. If not, make sure you make some time to read during the day. If you need book recommendations please email me and I will help you find some just-right books or don’t forget to look back at your summer reading plan where you made a list of books to read.

I am in the middle of planning out a personal narrative story about the time I hitched a ride with a tow truck driver to my friend’s wedding. I’ve also written poems about my dog and Writer’s Workshop. I hoping to start  brainstorming and planning out a fairy tale soon. How are your writing projects going? I’d love to hear what you are writing and am happy to give you a tip or two.

Keep using the Math Homework website for ideas for practicing math and the packet of games I gave you. I’ve been playing Beat the Teach, Multiplication Salute and Multiplication War with Kate D. and Chris at DHS. If you need new ideas or need to find another game that is just-right for you, let me know.

I hope you continue to have a fabulous summer!

See you soon,
Miss Z


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