Dear Parents,

Today your child will bring home the following items in a large envelope:

1. Report Card

2. Math Packet

3. Reading Packet

4. Summer Reading/Writing Journal: They have all come up with a list of just-right books to read for the summer (also included in the envelope). They also set up a reading journal with reminders of important tools/ideas they learned about reading and writing about reading to help them continue to do so over the summer. They have also come up with writing plan. They did not write this plan down, but did set up a notebook to help them with this plan. Most of them chose to do some kind of genre writing over the summer. If anything, they need to practice the Writing Process so that they continue to be familiar with it. They can do this in any genre (ficiton, personal narrative, poetry, non-fiction, opinion, etc.) Many of them expressed interest in writing personal narratives or poetry about small moments they experience over the summer. I also tried to encourage them to think about it as a “Curiosity Project” for the summer. They should be working on something they find interesting and engaging. They could potentially follow the same process we went through for the Curiosity Project if that helps.

5. All (or most) writing drafts and published pieces from this year with a reflection sheet. This is an great way to talk to your child about growth they’ve made this year. They all have made tremendous growth as writers.

6. A supply list for 4th grade (If you did not order the prepackaged supply kit these are the supplies that are recommended)

7. There are also some thank you notes in the folders, so please look carefully for them.

Please read through all of these items with your child carefully. Have a discussion with them about what you can do to support them in continuing to be a reader/writing/mathematician over the summer.

I am happy to continue to support your child over the summer. If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please feel free to email me.

Have a fabulous summer!

Miss Zawatski


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