Multiplication Practice Game

We learned a game today to help us practice multiplying. All you need is a deck of cards. This is a great game to play over the long weekend with family. Students are not expected to be automatic with all of the multiplication right now. Give them time to persist to find the product/number on card. It may be helpful to have a piece of paper for them to use to solve the problem. During this time it is helpful to encourage them to use the facts they do know to help them get the facts they don’t know. For example: If they know 10 X 6 = 60 then they can subtract 6 to get 9 X 6. Or if they know 2 X 7, then they can double that to get 4 X 7.



This game helps students practice  multiplying and finding the missing addend (or factor).

This is a game for three players. Remove the face cards from a regular deck of cards (ace represents one). Deal out the cards evenly to two players who sit facing each other; each holds the stack of cards face down. The third player sits where s/he can see the other two players. When the third player says “Salute,” the two players with cards simultaneously take the top cards off their respective piles and hold them on their foreheads with the face of the card outwards so that they can only see the other person’s card. The third player announces the  product of the two cards. Each of the two players holding a card tries to figure out what number they have on their heads.  Rotate players so everyone gets a chance to be the one who says, “salute,” and gives the  product.

To play with two people: One person looks at both cards and tells the other person the product. They then put one card face up and one card face down on the table. The other person tries to figure out what number is on the card that is face down.



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