Homework Tonight: Planning Fairy Tales

Don’t forget: Tonight you must story tell your fairy tale at least two times. This will help you plan out how your fairy tale will go so that you are prepared to start (or continue) drafting tomorrow. Remember: Storytelling a fairy tale usually begins with:

Once upon a time…



We talked about how Fairy Tales follow the structure below and should have all of these elements. As your child story tells (which should sound like they are reading from a book. ie. Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a far off land. She loved to read books and had piles of them all over her tiny room in the attic of her stepmother’s mansion…etc.) look for these elements. If there are some missing remind them of what element(s) they missed and have them story tell again.

Story telling is a helpful part of the planning process, especially because you can revise over and over before even writing down a single word. This also gives them an opportunity to try out many different options for how their story could go before deciding on which version they will draft.

As you listen it can be very tempting to give them ideas or add to their stories. The best way for you to support them during this time is to ask a  lot of questions after they are finished (ie. Why did your character decide to do that? How did your character solve their problem? I’m confused about….Could you tell me more about that?). After they think about your questions have them story tell again with those answers in mind.



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