World’s Fair Wax Museum April 10th

Parents, you are invited…

When: April 10th in the Library 10:45-11:45 AM

What: The students will be dressed up as people from the country they studied, posed around the library. They will assume a persona they have created, giving you an introduction to who they are. They will then answer any questions you have about what life is like in their country. We will have some suggested questions you can ask them.

We will run this like an open house so feel free to come any time between these two times. Mrs. Giannattasio’s class will also be presenting with us. 4th and 5th grade classes (possibly others) will be coming through to visit as well through out that time.

Food: As I mentioned previously, students were asked to bring in a food that is particular to their country. This may require some research on their part at home if they didn’t come across an idea in their research at school.  Because we will be eating this later in the afternoon, it would be much appreciated if the item they choose to bring in did not need to be heated or refrigerated. If it does require either of these things, please tell your child to tell me ahead of time so I can make arrangements.


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