DreamBox Reset

An Important Message About Dreambox

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students,

Elementary school students across the district began using Dreambox this school year to reinforce mathematics skills and strategies.  Some teachers and parents questioned whether mathematical concepts and problems presented to students through the program were suitably challenging the performance levels of students.  After careful review with Dreambox, we determined that the accounts for students in grades 3, 4 and 5, should be reset to assure that students were working on their grade level.  From that point, accounts will adjust automatically up or down according to student responses.  Therefore, Dreambox will complete this reset in early April so that any work on the program going forward has maximum benefit for the students.

With the reset, all coins, badges, or other collectable items that students have earned will remain.   Students will not notice any changes to their account.  The only difference will be the lessons available to the students will be better aligned with grade level expectations.  On the dashboard, teachers will see gray bars on the classroom summary report for the areas of adjustment.  The reset is scheduled for the weekend ofApril 4th.

The work students have done so far in Dreambox has given them additional practice in mathematical concepts and operations.  The reset will assure that the mathematical questions and problems they receive moving forward are appropriately challenging to maximize results.

Any questions you might have can be addressed to either one of us.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this adjustment.



Judith Pandolfo                                            Stephanie Furman

Assistant Superintendent, K-5                   Mathematics Coordinator

jpandolfo@darienps.org                              sfurman@darienps.org


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