Calling All Books!

1. Please look carefully around your house, in your backpack, etc for books that belong to Ox Ridge. Our classroom library seems to be missing a few books, as do some of the other classrooms we’ve borrowed books from (especially Mystery books). Please take a few minutes to look for and return any books you may have borrowed.

2. We are beginning to write Fairy Tale Adaptations in Writing. Because this is a new unit to us this year I would appreciate it if you could look around for Fairy Tale adaptations that you may have at home that we can borrow. These adaptations should follow the general structure of the original tale, but with changes in setting, characters, and/or motivation. Be careful: Some “adaptations” merely change one aspect ie. the characters are dogs but the rest of the story is the same. We are looking for more complex books like “Sumorella”, “Prince Cinders”, etc.



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