Curiosity Project: Thank You

Dear Parents,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help today (and the delicious breakfast). I hope you felt more at ease with the project and can see that this is much more about the process than the product. I really want the students to experience what it is like to be a researcher and as we know, there is no definitive way. The researcher determines how the process goes each step of the way. A simple fact, question, thought, realization, etc can change their direction at a moments notice. It’s what they do after that that is important. A huge take-away the students had today was that once you become curious about something and start researching, the more you research, the more curious you become.

Also, please take advantage of the great resources Mrs. Blake showed us today. You can go to the Ox Ridge Library website to access them and as you could tell, your child knows the log in information. I also put a link on my blog under the “Search” heading on the right hand side.

I am going to post the next two weeks of assignments on my blog so that you and your child can be prepared for what comes next. The final week, Week 6, is a continuation of Week 5. Students are expected to continue to work on their presentation. Our final class presentation date will be decided and posted on the blog soon.

Again, if you have any questions/concerns/comments, please let me know.

Miss Z


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