Curiosity Project Check-In for Parents

Dear Parents:

I wanted to take a moment to check in with you about how the Curiosity Projects are going at home. Do you need any help or have any questions? Is your child still interested and motivated?

Here are some tips as you and your child go about looking for information to answer their focus questions:

  • Keep in mind that this entire project is focused on the process of learning and discovery, not the final product.
  • Avoid going on an “Easter-egg hunt” for facts. Approach this with an attitude of investigation, wondering and striving to understand. Facts are even more astounding within this context.
  • If, along the way, your child learns something interesting that is unrelated to their topic, have them write this down.
  • Remember that primary research is powerful. Can you observe what your child is curious about? Can you email or visit and expert in their topic. Are there online videos of experts talking about what they do in this area?
  • Use our school library and librarians. They are more than willing to help both with finding books or online resources.

Reminder: We will have a Research Breakfast tomorrow morning at 9:00am. I will ask you to sit with a child (not your own!) and help them answer some of their focus questions.

I hope you are enjoying working on these at home. Keep in touch and let me know how I can help.

Thanks again for your support,

Miss Z


One thought on “Curiosity Project Check-In for Parents

  1. Beth

    Thanks for the note. C has been to the library and has lots of butterfly books, which he is studying. He tells us facts he is learning about the various types. We will be on the lookout for information overload.

    This is a very well throughout project that is fun for all of us.



    Charles W. Cope Sent from my iPhone


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