Curiosity Project: Week 3


How do curious people gather/organize information?

This week you should begin/continue to gather information and learn together.  Remember you will have two weeks to gather information.  These two weeks will be the time where your parents’ friendly guidance, support, and partnership will be most helpful.  Therefore, there is only one other very quick task required during this week.

Monday:  Continue Story

Last week you began your Curiosity Story. You talked about how you first became interested in this topic and why you were. Now, I’d like to know how it is going? Tell me how it is going now that you are learning more and more about your topic. Answer these questions in your Curiosity Journal:

  • How is research going?
  • What has been most challenging? …most rewarding or fun?
  • Have you learned anything unexpected or unusual?
  • Are you more or less interested in your topic now that you are learning more about it?

Tuesday: Questioning

Last week we created a web with questions on it to help us start to narrow down our research. Look back at your web and:

-check off questions you’ve discovered the answer to

-revise questions

-add new questions

Tomorrow we will be using this web with parents so that they can help us research the answers in the Library.

Wednesday– Sunday: Research

Continue to research and record your notes in your journal. After this week is over you will only have 1 more week to research.


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