Curiosity Project: Homework Week 2


What Do Curious People
Do to Start Learning?

Monday: Your Story Begins

At home your job is to begin Your Curiosity Story. Write your thoughts in your Curiosity Journal.

Try to go beyond what you wrote last weekend when I asked you why you chose your topic. Remember: we are looking for the truth of how you first became interested in this. Think about these questions to help you write your story: Was it a friend or family member? A book you read? How long have you been curious about this?

Tuesday: Focusing your topic
You will talk with an adult at home this evening about what, specifically, you want to learn about your topic. You are focusing your research. Be specific and list all the questions you can think of that interest or excite you about this.

Think: What is most interesting or exciting to me about this topic?  What do I most want to know?

We will be using these questions to help us focus our research even more at school tomorrow. Bring in your Curiosity Journal to school tomorrow.

Thursday-Sunday: Planning Research

How can I gather information about my topic?

Today you will work together with an adult at home to generate ideas for how you will begin to learn about your topic.  Think about these questions:

  • Where will I first go to find information on my topic?
  • Do I know anyone who might be an expert on my topic?
  • Who will I work with at home to help me with my research each day? How about at school?
  • How could I use my blog to help get my questions out to more people who might be able to help me?
  • How will I take notes when I find answers to my questions or other interesting information?

Write down thoughts/ideas/plans in the Curiosity Journal.

Now you’re really ready to start learning about your topic. Remember, the web with your focus questions should be your guide for the project. Feel free write new questions as you think of them.  Also, think about what you know about organizing research. We have learned a lot of different ways in Social Studies and in Writing. Once you have thought about how to organize your notes, get started with researching your topic! You will have the next two weeks to complete your research. 


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