Curiosity Project Introduction

Curiosity Project
Learning How to Learn

The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity.

-Ellen Parr

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.

Anatole France

Dear Parents,

Starting next week we are going to be supporting your child’s work during a Curiosity Home-Learning Project.  The goal of this project is to provide modeling, structure and practice that support students to learn how to become intellectually curious learners. We want learners who initiate and pursue their own learning and develop a disposition to seek deep learning.  The project is designed so that it can be done in a relaxed manner over the course of 6 weeks.

Your role in the project will be to guide and support your child in pursuit of what they strive to learn.  You’re co-interested and co-curious in this pursuit, but the pursuit is theirs, not yours. You’re supporting your child to succeed in learning how to learn.

During this project we are going to experience and think about how learners…

1.   use their interests/curiosities to initiate their own learning.

2.   start their own learning.

3.   gather information.

4.   share information.

5.   reflect on their learning.

The Project

1.   Your child will choose a topic they are curious about, or something that they want to learn to do.

2.   This project will take 6 weeks.

3.   At the end of 6 weeks your child will be invited to share their learning with their classmates.

4.   Your help will be needed about two to three times a week on average.  This project is meant to be flexible and enjoyable, not overwhelming.   If it becomes so, I’m more than glad to make accommodations to make sure that your child is successful and enjoys the process. Please contact me if you ever have that sinking feeling!

5.   Your role in this project is to support your child to success. You’ll be learning alongside your child “in the passenger seat”, while they have the steering wheel!

Timeline Overview

Week 1      Exploring & Selecting a Topic— March 3-March 7

Week 2     Planning & Information Gathering — March 10-March 14

Week 3     Information Gathering Continued — March 17-March 21

Research Breakfast 8 – 9:30am March 19th

Week 4     Information Gathering Wrap-up Planning Sharing — March 24-March 28

Week 5     Beginning work on Presentation — March 31-April 4                                        

Week 6     Completing Presentation  April 7-April 11

The week of April 14th TBD 
Curiosity Showcase!

  Parents Are Encouraged to Join in this Celebration

For more information on this project please watch this video. This is one of the teachers who created this idea of the Curiosity Project. I am going to be following the process they devised.

I will post on the blog and send home (in their Curiosity Journals) what homework must be completed each week. I have included days to have each of these piece completed by to help the students have a sense of structure. If the students know they will be busy on a particular day after school they can complete assignments ahead of time.

Thanks again for your support,

Miss Z


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