We Can Make Our Brains Grow!

Dear Parents,

I have been reflecting a lot over the vacation about the work we are doing in our classroom. I re-read articles like this, this, this and this along with some of my favorite teaching blogs. As I read over this information and reflected on the work your children have been doing in the classroom I feel as if I can do a better job cultivating growth-mindset students. This work will support them, not just in third-grade, but for their lives.

In order to do this I have a few things in mind.

First, we are going to spend time setting goals in the areas of persistence, resilience, flexibility, optimism, engagement (focus), and empathy. Each student will have the opportunity to determine at what time of day they will work on these areas and then have time to reflect on how they worked on them.

The students will then bring home their goal sheet to share with you. As a part of their homework they will be asked to take a few minutes to share with you the work they did. If they are not bringing home their goal sheet please let me know. After they share their work with you they do not need to bring their goal sheet back to school. For the first few weeks we will be reflecting daily. Eventually, I am imagining this to be a weekly reflection.

These questions can help guide your conversation:

-What does (persistence, resilience, flexibility, optimism, etc.) look like?

-Why did you set a goal of (persistence, etc.) in (writing, reading, etc.)?

-How did you reach your goal of working on (persistence, etc.) in (writing, reading, etc.)?

-How did you feel after you reached your goal?

-What might you work on tomorrow in (reading, writing, etc.)?

You may even want to think about modeling/discussing examples in your own life or moments in your child’s life that demonstrate actions in these areas, using the same vocabulary.

We will also be engaging in Curiosity Projects. More information will be posted about that soon.

Thanks for your support and help,

Miss Z


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