On-Demand Assessment


Normally I do not speak about this to parents, but some of the students seemed very worried about a writing assessment they are taking tomorrow.

This is a post-assessment to the writing unit we have been working on and pre-assessment to the unit that is coming up. I am using this to see what skills/strategies they can use independently in opinion writing and to see what skills/strategies they are not carrying forward that I need to teach into.

They are expected to do their best based on the work we have done on opinion writing this far in the year. I have given them the prompt to take home (I also put it at the end of this post). NO preparation for this assessment is expected to be done at home, except to brainstorm an idea to write about tomorrow and to do a little research if they want to (as it says in the prompt). This is especially true because I need to see what they can do INDEPENDENTLY.

If your child seems nervous about this assessment tomorrow, reassure them that they have written 3 opinion pieces this year so they know what to expect when writing one. It may also help to reassure them that this is a way for me to see what they can do independently right now and what we need to work on. Also, I know they only have 45 minutes to plan, write, revise and edit so I am not expecting their piece to be a fully-developed piece like the pieces they worked on in class. We had a big discussion today on the importance of being optimistic. This is also a great opportunity to talk about having a “can-do-it” attitude. 

Thanks for your support,

Miss Z

On Demand Performance Assessment Prompt

Opinion/ Argument Writing

Think of a topic or issue that you know and care about, an issue around which you have strong feelings.  Tomorrow, you will have forty-five minutes to write an opinion or argument text in which you will write your opinion or claim and tell reasons why you feel that way.  If you want to find and use information from a book, or collect evidence in another way, you may bring that with you tomorrow.  Please keep in mind that you’ll have forty-five minutes to complete this, so you will need to plan, draft, revise, and edit in one sitting.

In your writing, make sure you:

  • Write an introduction that hooks the reader
  • State your opinion or claim
  • Give reasons and evidence
  • Organize your writing
  • Anticipate your readers’ objections and address them
  • Use transition words
  • Write a conclusion



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