Homework Over Break

Dear Parents (and Students),

We talked again before vacation started about how important it is to keep practicing (reading, writing and math) over the break. Doing work over the 9 days off is going to help them continue to grow as readers, mathematicians, and writers.

The students have come up with plans that they should have brought them home. They were expected to think of the amount of time they would spend, the time during the day they would complete their work, and the work they would be completing. They should have also brought home books to read over the break.

As I wrote before our last vacation- This work is not expected to be looked at as a burden or as something extra. There are many authentic opportunities that will arise over the break to help them continue to practice all of the skills they have been learning over the past few months. This is a good time to encourage your children to see all of the opportunities they have through out their daily lives to practice. And to remind them that they are doing this work because the best way to get better at anything is by practicing it often.

I look forward to seeing the type of work they did over the break on Monday,

Miss Z


One thought on “Homework Over Break

  1. Hi Beth,

    Marian and I agree with you! We have been doing reading and spelling over the break daily. Also, some math (fractions) and typing. The extra spelling work has increased C’s confidence, which we hope will get him writing more.

    I am sorry that I cannot attend the writing session this coming Friday, but Marian may be able to make it.



    Charles W. Cope

    (203) 656-4082

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