Homework Clarification

I have been getting emails recently about what is expected to be completed for homework. I am writing this post to be clear about what each student is expected to do at home during the week.


Their nightly homework is to read for at least 25 minutes. Because we are in book clubs right now they need to read what they and their partners decide and then if they have time left, they should read their “back up book”, a book of their choice. They should also be spending some time writing about what they read on post-its or in their reading journals. They students choose how/where they write about what they read.


They are also required to do math homework twice a week. They have the choice of what they do, but they must record it on their math homework log which is due every Friday. The unit we are working on right now is 3-D shapes so they can choose to do those types of problems that are on the blog. Or they can review other topics like multiplication. They should be doing a variety of activities to ensure that they are practice different topics and practicing same topics in different ways. Activities are located here.

I will also send home a problem on a piece of paper each week. This problem is meant to extend their thinking, but if you/they feel that it is too challenging they can bring it back for a different version or alternate problem. There is no RIGHT way to solve to the problem and sometimes there is no RIGHT answer. These problems help me see how the students are going about trying to reason through a mathematical situation. This is also a good way for you to see what they are doing. Please do not help your child on this problem, unless it is to clarify what the problem is asking. I am much less concerned about a right answer and am looking to see if they are showing evidence of the Mathematical Standards of Practice.



The typing is also required for at least 20 minutes a week. They choose when, but it must be at least 20 minutes.

Word Study

They do not have to practice their words at home unless they want to. They practice in school 5 times a week.

Hope this helps,

Miss Z


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