Reading Workshop Feedback

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for coming in to 3-Z today. I truly appreciate your patience with me as I try something new. I hope you found it insightful and helpful in supporting your understanding of what goes on each day in the classroom, as well as how your child is growing as a reader.

Please let me know if you have any comments/questions/concerns about how the morning went. I really appreciate hearing from you so that I know how I can continue to improve on our home-school communication and opportunities for you to see your children in action.

3-Z would like to invite you to come in to our classroom again; this time for Math Workshop. I am tentatively going to say that this will take place on Tuesday, November 19th from 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM based on how we are moving through our math curriculum. However, I will better be able to determine the best time as we get into the month of November. I want to have you come in during the beginning of our next unit so you can see how a math unit begins and what strategies your children are using to problem solve.

Miss Z


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