Reading Unit #1: Building a Reading Life

Dear Parents,
In this first unit we are focusing on the routines of reading workshop.

In the first part of this unit we spend time building a reading life. First, we spend time thinking about the best times and worst times of our reading lives to help us think about goals we can set for ourselves as readers. Just-right books are discussed and reinforced through out this unit to ensure that these third-graders start the year off on the right foot. We discuss strategies to help us read longer, stronger and faster.

In the second part of the unit the students are learning how to make sense of what they are reading (ie. stopping to think about changes in characters’ actions). They will learn how to actively problem solve while in the midst of reading (ie. reread the text when they lose the story).

In the last part of this unit students will utilize their reading partners to how to have a conversation about their book. Over time, their partners will support them in deepening their thinking.

We will celebrate the end of this unit by reflecting on how they have changed as readers over the past month.

Here are some things you can do at home to help support your readers during this unit:
-Help you child find a quiet space/time to read for at least 25 minutes a night (or morning)
-Help remind them that they should be recording in their reading log every time after they read
-Remind them that they should be reading the same book at home and at school
-If they are forgetting their book/log at home or at school talk to them about how to organize their materials so they do not get forgotten
-Talk to your child about the reasons why you choose a particular book for yourself (What makes it just right for you?)

Miss Z


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