Dear Parents,
Many of you have already started thinking about summer plans and have been asking for recommendations. Here are some ideas:

Sign up for a class:
1. Sign them up for a course at DHS. I am teaching a Math class for K-1 for any younger siblings. There are many options that will allow your children to spend some time working their brain while having fun.

2. Visit Chris Evers at Animal Embassy and become a Budding Naturalist.

3. Norwalk Community College has a College for Kids program. Mr. Forshaw used to teach a class there.

4. The Maritime Center has many different week-long programs to choose from. Many of the students were also very inspired by the IMAX movie we went to see.

The most important thing they can do during the summer is to read. Whether it is independently, to a younger sibling or listening to a story you read aloud, they should be immersed in literature as much as possible.

1. I will be putting a list of just-right book recommendations in with their report card. All of the students should know how to find a just right book, but in case they forget refer them to this post. I may also put a few other things in their report card packet if I feel there is something else they can work on over the summer.

2. Start a book club with some fellow classmates.
Here are some links on how to do it:
Reading Together: Book Clubs
Book Clubs
How to Start a Book Club

3. The Darien Library came to Ox Ridge. Their Summer Reading Kick Off takes place on June 21st. Read more here.

4. Join the Summer Challenge at Scholastic to help set a new world record of the most summer reading minutes and become part of the Scholastic World Book of Records 2014.

5. Have your children read literature other than books. For example, recipes, websites, menus, grocery lists, trip information, game instructions, science experiments, etc.

During the summer, writing can be difficult when the kids are busy running around playing. There are two things that will be most beneficial for your child as a writer going into fourth grade. Their experiences this summer will serve as springboards for what they write about, especially in the beginning of the year when they will be writing realistic fiction. Having them just keep a list of places, people and things from the summer will help them as they brainstorm ideas for their writing. The second way to encourage kids to write during the summer is to give them authentic opportunities.

1. Find a friend or relative who will be a reliable pen pal. The kids can email or mail a letter to them. Or write a letter to a favorite author, the president, or athlete.

2. Have children make the grocery, packing or cleaning lists. Encourage kids to make a “Things to do list” for themselves every week.

3.Play Scrabble or Upwards.

4. Have them create or solve word puzzles.

1. Play card and dice games. Here is a packet of over 50 math games.

2. Play board games related to mathematical skills: Mancala, Blokus, Rummikub, tangrams, memory, Sorry, Crazy Eights, Suduko, etc.

3. Give them an open-ended problem to solve. See how many different strategies they can use to solve the problem or compare how you would solve it with how they would solve it. These problems are meant for grades 3-5 so you will have to decide which are best. They are here and here and here.

4. There are also many internet games including the ones found here.

5. DreamBox is available for students over the summer.

6. Cooking is a great way to practice math skills. Ask your child to plan a meal. This can incorporate purchasing items for the meal, halving or doubling the recipe, measuring out ingredients, etc.

As I come up with more ideas I will add them here.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Miss Z


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