Measurement Unit

Dear Parents,
We have begun a unit on measurement. To explore these concepts in a real world context we created a “Stuffed Factory”. Each student is creating a pattern for a stuffed animal or pillow that they will actually sew and stuff. Through the designing of their patterns, your childern are learning about and practicing accuracy, conversions, using metric and standard measurements, and are exposed to fractions.
To support your child in this unit at home, point out situations where you are utilizing measurement. Ask questions like:
About how many inches long do you think this is?
About how many centimeters long do you think this is?
What measurement would be most efficent in this situation-centimeters, inches, feet, yards, meters, etc?
Is this a situation where I would need an accurate or about measurement?
If I know the measurement of this side, what is the measurent of the other side? How do you know?

I look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday, January 24th at 2:00 PM, thread and needle in hand.

Miss Z


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