Writing Celebration/Writing This Month

Your children did a fabulous job crafting their personal narratives this past month. They pushed themselves to really see themselves as writers! Thoughtfully, they constructed their leads, the hearts of their stories and endings. Details of their emotions, the setting of their stories and actions filled their pieces. Hopefully, through our Writing Celebration today you were able to see and hear the hard work they put into them. Thank you so much for coming! We all appreciated your presence It’s important to spend time sharing a published piece. After all, that’s why we write them.

For the next two weeks your child will be working to write a realistic fiction short story. Children will mine the stories of their lives for an idea on which to grow a short story. They’ll spend time developing characters for their stories. They’ll study traditional story structure and then will map plot lines for their stories. In those stories, the main characters will move toward a goal while facing difficulty or resistance along the way. As children write short fiction, they’ll also read it. They’ll read as insiders, learning techniques for writing fiction from their favorite authors. You can encourage this at home by reading to them and having conversations about the book from a writer’s point of view.

You’ll notice that even though the class will be writing fiction, your child will be doing many of the same things that he or she did in the previous units of study. After all, many qualities of great writing and processes writers use work across genre. This unit especially highlights the importance of planning and of revisions.

They’ll continue to aim towards incorporating the conventions they almost control, but they’ll also aim to write with speed, fluency, complexity, voice and courage. Of course, I’ll help them edit their rough drafts prior to publication. We will most likely be sharing these pieces with our families over the Winter Break and will hopefully find time to go into another classroom at Ox Ridge when we come back.


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