Fall “4” Math

Fall “4” Math begins on Monday, October 15th. This program encourages students to see how fun math can be by playing math games at home. These games focus on critical problem solving, spatial reasoning, logical thinking, and math fact skills.

1. Go to: http://darienps.org/mathmadness/

2. Play games for 20 minutes each day.

3. Record on the Play Log. (I recommend Close to 100, PIG, Plus 9 or 10 BINGO, and Salute.)

I also recommend playing these games that are not included on the website:

Oh No 99

Leap Frog and Fly Capture

Make 100


Place Value Puzzle Path

Solitare 10, 11, or 12

Go Fish 10

4. Turn in the Play Log to me on Monday, October 22nd and Monday, October 29th. If it is not turned in on those two dates, all of your hard work will not count towards our class total 😦

*If we are the class with the most participation in third grade we will win a prize! SO, don’t forget to play and don’t forget to bring in your Play Log.*


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